Our passion: creation of events that are stretching on beyond ordinary. We build unpublished moments and let unique emotions arouse.
Russian DMC
with European touch, designer of bespoke corporate events
Team building
Bespoke treasure hunts and team building events, design and production

Concept related to our deep research and analysis of the company’s philosophy
To unify the top 500 agents of the company from the whole Europe, we organized a large-scale treasure hunt at the city centre of St. Petersburg. The participants were divided into 30 groups: walking city tour, history quiz, traditional Russian sport game «Gorodki» lay ahead for each of them. The cooperation with professional guides having both, the competence of event coordinators and language skills, is a key advantage of our team.

Due to the carefully adjusted combination of the walking routes and waterways, we managed not to use buses at all avoiding any traffic jams and tourist flows. The whole journey was accompanying with the complex video shooting and ended with the flash mob on 12 boats.

Gala diner
Event guidance from A to Z: logistics, communication, realisation of filming and other audiovisual support, etc. Focusing on the smallest details and accurate «handicraft»
Exclusive sites selection

Scenography and stage direction inspired by a theatre performance. Managed by our teams, in close collaboration with our own artists

The Gala dinner with the sophisticated scenario for 400 guests from Belgium was inspired by the atmosphere of a Tsar’s reception. The evening started by the photo shooting at the royal summer residence Peterhof and continued at the unique hall with the decor of the 18th-century architecture. A piece of «Paquita» ballet from the Mariinsky theatre and the award ceremony were integrated to the grand program. The concert of the authentic folk-rock band brought new dynamics to the event. As a result, we managed to demonstrate that the Russian culture is going beyond the historical clichés.

Youth festivals
Innovative festival formats

Strict and particular supervise adjusted to the young clientele

Concept approved by the new generation. Ambiance and trends refreshing regularly

The annual youth festival meaning 3 000 participants in a week mixes the city traditions with the latest trends understandable for the generation Z. To ensure the greater security, we elaborated the special system of alcoholic drinks limitation. The festival is accessible for the handicapped people.

In collaboration with the trendy local artists, we created the branded merch, sticker packs and conceptual decorations (for example, a retro VW bus, as a symbol of freedom and youth, where one can play vinyl, try on some retro looks and make cool photos), souvenirs appreciated by the youngsters
Sport event
Seasonal sport events end-to-end organisation to reinforce team spirit and to develop teamwork

Winter sports: ice hockey, ice skating, cross-country skiing, Scandinavian sledges

Summer sports: regate, kayak, triathlon, marathon, formula 1

We organised a football competition in Pavlovsk, royal residence parc, for the participants of the Internet community from 14 Russian cities: from the accommodation to the information support. The wow-effects of the program were: welcome party, jogging at the open-air museum, leisure activities for the wives of the sportsmen, closing rock-concert.

Event on board
Organisation of trips and private events on a boat, within the navigation season

Rental of yachts of every capacity

Tours by cruise-ship including our own program of visits
We are organising on a regular basis water transportation for the top public officials, within the annual city festival «Scarlet Sails». In collaboration with the State Security Service, we are fulfilling the responsible tasks to ensure security, comfort and services, to find right waterways and a right place to stop and watch fireworks from the best point of view.
VIP event
Special moments and exclusive entrances to dream for

Anniversary, weekend, inauguration, diner, wedding
Our vision:
to bring our insight and understanding in compliance with your requirements, your corporatevalues and within your budget.
Russian DMC
with European touch, designer of bespoke corporate events
Incentive tour
Complex organisation: accommodation, logistics, cultural program and diners

Sharp and custom preparation to draw up a detailed specification

Dedicated web site creation

Filming, Same Day Edit. Realisation by specialists of our team

Four-day incentive tour for the top 500 managers of the French jewelry company. To understand better the company’s philosophy, we spent 2 days at the headquarters in Lille. The leitmotif of the tour was the historical French-Russian context, so the city exploring started with the adventure game, designed to find the French artist’s jewels lost in St. Petersburg during the Russian Revolution.

As optimization of the logistics and coordination, all the events were held at the city centre and museum spaces. Also, the guests were accommodated at two hotels at the city centre. Realisations for 4 days: team building by small groups, 2 Gala dinners, more than 100 individual tours around St. Petersburg and its suburbs. The incentive tour in St. Petersburg was valued by the client as the best one throughout their experience.

Seminar tour
Search for a singular location and an unexpected inspiration: essential elements to make a seminar personalised and adapted to requests

The logistics and the cultural program were organised around the conference of the pharmaceutical company Stada. We not only showed St. Petersburg to the surgeons from Germany but also integrated to the city tour the medical themes touched during the conference. Thus, we provided the greater engagement of the participants and made both, business and cultural, programs coherently connected.

Press tour
Refined and elegant selection of locations and services to seduce journalists, bloggers, influencers

We welcomed the team of the National Geographic magazine that was collecting materials about the today’s youth in Russia. According to our research, we offered the selection of the local events, heroes and brands in the area of art, sport, politics and fashion. The journalists spent 3 days in St. Petersburg «plunging» deeply to the communications with the young locals. The 25-30-year-old coordinators of the journey became the additional non-formal resource for the reporters’ story.

Product launch
Making cultural connections between a new product and the clients in Russia, including editors

Targeting communication consulting services

Within the workshop-new collection presentation of the lingerie brand for the private club of clients, held for the first time in St. Petersburg, we organised for the brand’s representatives the cultural program as well as visits to the famous fashion stores.

VIP Tour
To be unveiled upon request
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